Having triplets: The challenges

Raising a tripletsRaising a child is a full-time job. Raising twins – it’s like double trouble. Raising triplets… well, you can imagine…actually you can’t – you can only try.

As much as joy and excitement and laughter and gratification you get out of having triplets, there is also that much exhaustion and tears and feeling helpless at times. It certainly is a challenge dealing with all the aspects of the everyday life of what looks like a mini nursery school. And trying to keep a balance between taking care of your little ones, being a wife and running a household – this is a “mission: impossible” kind of task, at least until you have no other choice but to do it.

At one point you realise that your entire life has turned into a routine – an endless repetition of:

  • Making sure the children have something to eat – this means either preparing something special for them or finding the time to go to the store and get something suitable for them

  • Feeding the triplets – while there’s not much difference between getting for one or three children, there is a huge difference between trying to make one or three children eat his/her veggies

  • Doing the laundry for 3 kids – this involves washing, drying and ironing clothes and bedding for 3

  • Keeping the house as clean as possible – probably one of the toughest things you have to cope with. Finding the time to perform regularly a domestic cleaning is as difficult as it is crucial if you want to provide a healthy environment for your children to play in

  • Damage control procedures for the entire house – this involves dealing with the more resistant stains on your carpets, sofas, armchairs, any scratches over the floors, tables wardrobes, drawings on the walls, etc.

What else can I add? Enough has been said- just know that though it is difficult (even impossible unless you have very strong support behind your back), it’s worth it – after each night when you think that you can’t take anymore, a morning comes that offers you a blessing in the form of three adorable smiley faces.


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