Feng Shui rituals for a new home

New homeFeng Shui rituals, when we move to a new home or how to move into a new house, renovating and purifying the old energy.

The Ancient Chinese teaching of Feng Shui along with some folk belief provide the new residents with a few tips for good luck and prosperity. It is good to renew the energy of your old home as well, if it hadn’t been renovated.

The main and most important issue when you move to a new home is to have it deep and thoroughly cleaned before you bring in your belongings. In case you do not have enough time, patience or skills, you can hire professional cleaning company to do this for you. Read some pieces of advice, that will be very useful for you:

  • The first one is to move in with the new moon, this period signifies the new beginning and you will have less difficulties with all the details you have to arrange.

  • Cross the threshold with the right foot.

  • Splash some water on the floor of your new home with a positive attitude in your mind.

  • Put your name on the front door – do not save money on this, but invest in something authentic and original.

  • Once you pass the threshold of your new home, walk through each room, turn on the lights and fire up a candle, so you would bring the light everywhere – the light will bless the home.

  • Put a new doormat – the old one has gathered not only a lot of dust, but negative energy as well.

  • Make a house warming dinner party. Make it simple and dedicate it to the fact you are now living in a new home. Invite your closest friends, your loved ones and the people you really like, it doesn’t matter even if there are only one or two people attending to you gathering.

  • After the first day you have spent at your new home, it is time to call the neighbours, to introduce yourself. Offer them something small – sweet, fruit or chocolates.

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