Let’s choose the curtains

Choose the curtainsIt is really hard to choose the best curtains. Here is what helped me choose.

The overall look of the room depends on many different components. One of these elements we often ignore are the curtains – they usually do not match the budget. They give the real comfort of a home. To choose the right curtains for our home, you need to answer a couple of questions:

1. Which room you choose them for?

2. What material do you want them to be made of?

3. What color would suit best?

You should not choose the same curtains for your entire home. It doesn’t look good if you put quite stylish curtains in the children’s room. Such ones would suit better in the living room. For the nursery, choose some curtains that would be easy to clean and have some children decorations on them. Each room must be properly decorated and the curtains should be chosen with an idea in mind. You can have ones to perfectly fit the color of the entire room or add contrast by selecting a completely different colored curtains.

It is a good idea to choose translucent curtains for the living room or the dining room – they suit the receptions – but do not hang them in the nursery or in the bedroom. As all of us require privacy when resting, you’d better choose curtains made of some thick material to hang in the bedroom. However, if you have decided that translucent curtains will best suit the wonderful interior in your bedroom, then just add a thick curtain too or blinds.

Do not forget to clean the curtains every so often. They act like a filter and gather a lot of dust. Dust that you inhale every day. You can wash the sheer curtains in the washing machine but check the washing symbols first. The thick curtains are too heavy for the washing machine and some of them are made of delicate fabrics that could shrink, so better call professional cleaning company.


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