Freshen up the living room for the spring

Living room decorationWhen it comes to spring cleaning, we all know where to start from. The first room we need to have cleaned is usually the one that takes lots of time to be cleaned – the kitchen. It is the place where the whole family spends a good deal of time in. The appliances and cupboards there take much time to be cleaned and thus it is the room that should be cleaned at first.

The second but also important is bathroom. Usually used to relax in, this room should be clean to the best possible standard on a regular basis.

Last but not least, we must pay special attention to one room that we spend not less time in than in the kitchen. I mean the living room – we used to play games there, watch TV, have our coffee in the lazy winter Sunday afternoons, have a glass of wine in front of the fireplace in the cold evenings.

The third point of the spring cleaning and renovation of the house is the living room. It must be  changed in such way, so that the whole family could feel the need to get together every evening in it. For this purpose:

  • Lay fluffy thick carpet on the floor as well as some cushions scattered picturesquely (of course, in bright and vivid colors).

  • Decorate the walls – family photos, pictures and even … empty backless frames (it will show your guests that you have an unique personality).

  • Change the upholstery of the furniture or buy new covers. Try to combine the feel of comfort with some modern design.

Making the living room cozy could bring the family more time together. And this will work great for the harmony at home, don’t you think?


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