How to clean grease stains?

Grease stains cleaning“Hmmmm…what a delicious dinner!” – my husband said once when I had spent a good deal of hours in the kitchen to cook a turkey. “Yes! It was great, wasn’t it! I really can cook but honestly I don’t know how to deal with all those greasy stains on your T-shirts!”.

I really don’t know how he eats but all his T-shirts are covered with either turkey sauce, Bolognese sauce, cream sauce or some other greasy sauce that is really a nightmare to clean.

This, though, was before I read an article in the newspaper about how to remove grease stains.And so, I decided to share my knowledge with you, as I know that it is not only my husband, but my sister` husband as well and I suppose there are many others.

Right after a greasy stain appears, put a good amount of salt on it. Or put a sheet of paper on it and iron, so the paper can extract and absorb the grease. If the greasy stain is on a woollen shirt, wash it with sparkling mineral water. If the stain is on a tie, rub some talcum powder on the stain and let it absorb the grease. Then gently brush away.

If the stains is on leather, it can be removed using some scrambled protein. Greasy spots on silk can be cleaned with a bit of slightly warm pure alcohol. After cleaning, rinse the stain and iron.

Grease stains on silk can also be cleaned with cold water and citric acid in a ratio of 10:1. The solution stays 10-15 minutes and then the wear is ready to use.

These are my little secrets, when a greasy stain appears. Hope you find them useful.


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